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Introducing Roon 1.8

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Welcome to an immersive new music experience. A new look, new intelligence, and new features, designed for the community of experts that call Roon home.

Roon 1.8 New Look Showcase

A completely new
look & feel.

Roon now has a fresh new visual design that takes its inspiration from the idea of the museum – an airy, neutral environment in which to display things of beauty. We also took cues from classic music magazines, using bold typography and innovative layout to bring music to life. Along with innovations in data presentation, Roon is now a joy to use.

Context and meaning,
powered by Valence.

Roon goes far beyond the “algorithmic recommendations” you’ll find in mass-market streaming products. Using its deep metadata and an understanding of over 100,000 expert listeners from Valence, Roon now surfaces and suggests music with uncanny sensitivity and insight.

Roon Valence in Action on iPad Device

Focus: far
beyond “search”.

Roon’s Focus feature has long been the most powerful way to explore your own music, but now it goes beyond your library, giving you a 360º-view of artists, genre, performers, and composers. Filter and sort virtually any music in Roon by performer, producer, composer, label, and a wide variety of other parameters.

Roon Focus in Action

Classical music

The way you explore classical music is different; that’s why we’ve come up with a completely new visual style and information layout, designed to make it easy to find the classical recordings you’re looking for. Valence identifies relationships between composers, conductors, and performers – and helps weed out the no-name releases – so you can find well-regarded performances of any composition.

Roon Classical Music Showcase on iPad

An experience
tailor-made for you.

Valence now makes suggestions based not only on context (what you’re looking at and what you’re listening to) but also on your taste. Right on Roon’s brand new Home page, you’ll see a dashboard which lets you explore your listening – both the fine-grained history of the last few weeks, and the statistical view of your listening over time.

Roon Music Listening Stats

In the Press

“a peerless streaming platform that appeals to those with a thirst for cross-referenceable metadata, an eye for aesthetics and an ear for music re/discovery.”
Darko Audio
“The first thing that strikes you with the new version is the modern look that Roon has now adopted. For me, it feels much more like an online music magazine, thanks to the choice of typography and layout.”
“I find the new Roon to be an even more comfortable place to hang out, listening to music, and — my favorite feature — discover. ”
Twittering Machines


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