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What is Roon?

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The ultimate music player for music fanatics

Roon brings all of your music together in one immersive experience, letting you rediscover old favourites and find new music you love, tailored precisely to your tastes. Immerse yourself in photos, bios, reviews, credits, lyrics, tour dates, and more…

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Plays on everything

Roon lets you listen to music on all your gear, with support for over a thousand audio devices. Start with the music you know, and then let Roon connect it with millions of high-resolution tracks available on TIDAL and Qobuz.

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Highest quality audio

Roon gets the best possible sound quality from your audio gear, with bit perfect playback, exhaustive format support and access to powerful DSP that gives you complete control of your listening experience.

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Join 100K music enthusiasts

"No other music listening product emulates the feeling of exploring a record store, buying an album, and adding it to your shelf quite like it"
Tristan H, USA - Roon subscriber for 1 year
"Thank you for creating a wonderful product that makes the enjoyment of music so easy to use. My three kids who are 4,6 and 9 love to navigate it on the iPad and add to the library."
Andrew, New Jersey - Roon subscriber for 3.5 years
"I like Roon because it doesn’t lock you into one hardware platform and maximizes the quality of whatever you have. I stream via WiFi to my LS50W speakers, AirPlay to a receiver, over USB to a DAC, etc."
Christopher, USA - Roon subscriber for 5 years
"It turns out that there is a superior solution for streaming audio: @roonlabs paired with @TIDAL - Roon provides an almost perfect UI & UX, paired with your own music files and Tidal’s excellent library of high quality audio. High threshold for high gains!"
Arto, Finland - Roon subscriber for 1 year

Awarded product of the decade 3 times over

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